An article from our friends

An article about studio work on our new project. Read HERE.

  First look of our Pre-Alpha Development Demo: "Project Tanks 2017"

This is a small clip of the current project we are developing. Keep up with upcoming news about the project!

  An article from our friends

If you have questions about Brinicle Games and our project, this article from reveals more answers. Read HERE.

  Exclusive interview with some of the developers of the studio!

Watch BITelevision on 30.11.2017. - Thursday from 20:30 in PLAYGASM. Repeat on 02.12.2017. - Saturday from 20:00. Some developers give us an exclusive interview with Playgasm about their work and what it is like to be an indie studio.

  Participate in Game Dev Summit Monthly #2

We are as first-time guests at Game Dev Open Mic. We will present a rogue presentation about the studio's current and future projects. Go to the event: HERE!

  The studio is working on a new project.

We are working on a new project. It is still in the begging phase and we are working on the prototypes. Subscribe for new information about the game and follow us on the social media. We have surprises for you, so stay tuned.

  You are welcome to register in the forum.

The forum is available for registrations. Feel free to register. Here we will discuss our projects and the questions that you might have.

  Welcome to our new site!

Welcome! The new site of “Brinicle Games” is live now. We are hoping that you would like the minimalistic look of our site. If you have any kind of troubles, please contact us via the contact form or post in the forum.


Take a closer look into our amazing team. We won’t bite.

Dimitar Tabakov

CTO, Game Developer, Level Designer

Georgi Kostov

CTO, Lead Game Developer, Level Designer

Georgi Bozhilov

CEO, Game Developer, Game Designer, Game Writer

About us:

Our studio was created in February 2017 by the idea of Georgi Bozhilov, who is looking for similar people to create and create entertaining and interesting computer games and so after long he has acquired incredible creative and entertaining people from Bulgaria. The indie studio is currently working on its first game. In the near future is expected to announce its name and a brief demo.



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Monday - Thursday: 10am - 6pm
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If you insist on working with us, please contact us by sending us an email or using the contact form above.